An experienced team with a clear approach to digital projects: anticipate problems, handle complexity, deliver on time

Àlex Poderoso

Graduated in Computer Science and Multimedia from Open University of Catalonia. Worked since 1998 for media outlets such as TV3, the public Catalan broadcaster and main television channel, and Sàpiens Publicacions - Som/Cultura03. Former chief digital information officer at Catalan newspapers Ara and El Periódico de Catalunya, and RBA, a Spanish publishing holding. Freelanced for brands such as FC Barcelona. Served as a project manager and tech consultant on frontend development and web analytics for clients in transportation, insurance, tourism, sports and education markets.

Álvaro Martínez Majado

A self-taught software developer. Graduated in Humanities from Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona and a guest lecturer in their postgraduate center UPF Barcelona School of Management. Involved in their program on digital communications since its first edition in 2011, and in the digital journalism program they run in collaboration with Google and Argentinian TV channel TN since 2015. Worked and freelanced for some media outlets and digital marketing agencies. Back in 2013 cofounded an invested company, Movintracks, that built a multipurpose, privacy-friendly system to add conditional interactivity and location contextuality to mobile apps.

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