We do one simple thing: hear your project and see what can we do to get it up and running

Web Development

Count on us to get beautiful, useful and functional responsive web designs and complex web applications. We are comfortable working with frameworks, content management systems, text editors, builders and polyfills to abstract you from all those geeky words and troubles.

Following best practices, having in mind security and performance, and relaying on robust software architectures we create software pieces that work harmoniously for you and ensure a well performing search engine optimization (SEO) for your project.

This way you and your users can enjoy a great web experience while interacting with your eCommerce store, online newspaper, professional portfolio, online business catalog or custom online experience.

And if you need any assistance with advertising and remarketing codes, Google Analytics or any other similar tools, we are also here to help.

Consultancy and Strategy

Need someone to assist you with the technical side of your project in general? Are you doubtful whether you have chosen the right content management system / tech stack or there is some other option that can better fit your needs? Your website is ranking low in Google search results page and you can’t figure out why? Not sure if your web page is matching the accessibility standards (WCAG) properly?

You are not alone. We will be more than happy to walk you through options to improve these areas, that are so wide in options that it’s easy to get lost in. In this cases, nobody has magic formulas but a thorough analysis and detailed benchmarks come in handy.

We conduct our analysis by keeping in mind the technical and user experience perspectives so results are oriented to maximize your communication efforts without forgetting what’s technically feasible and convenient.

Mobile and desktop apps

You like having things under control. You have target a platform, and need an app for Android. Or for iOS. Or for macOS. Or for Windows. Or for GNU/Linux. Great.

Or maybe you are that type of person that is more comfortable relying in your own infrastructure, so you can trust the cloud and also have your data stored locally, in case something happens.

Whatever the reason, whatever the operating system, we got you covered. Metodian is the right partner for you to build your mobile app or desktop app.

Your next app, handly coded by Metodian, will have sync capabilities with your remote servers, as well as integration with third parties or connections with any API you choose. But we are not just coders: we can add value in other steps of your process by helping with technical decisions, user experience and in the conceptualization or wireframing steps in case you need more insights.

UX / UI design

From the user perspective, it’s important to feel that the digital experience you are immersed on is comfortable and recognizable. This can sound boring and predictable, but it’s not: it is not only compatible with creativity and beauty, but also the best way to maximize conversions (and thus revenue), functionality and communication goals.

A product with a good user experience design is a product that is effective and easy to use. A product with a great interface is something that your users will choose over your competitors. We at Metodian enjoy creating digital experiences that feel native for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows and Linux and also unique and matching precisely your brand personality.

Wireframing, user acceptance testing, heuristic check or personas definition are some of the user experience services that Metodian can provide for you.

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